About Shane Grammer

My ultimate heart and passion is to be highly creative with all my projects

Shane Grammer is a modern inspired artist whose work spans a variety of mediums with a focus on painting, illustration and sculpture. Shane currently is a Sr. Creative Director in the theme park industry. Shane has art directed, managed and led small to large teams through conceptual design, fabrication, and installation on projects all over the world.Walt Disney Imagineering has employed Shane’s skills as a master sculptor and creative visionary when they appointed him as Senior Dimensional Designer on a project for Shanghai Disney. His work can also be found throughout cities in Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Cambodia, South Korea, and Dubai.

About Me

Name: Shane Grammer

Age: 40

Location: Los Angeles, California

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London:Jan 2nd to Feb 12th

France: Mar 5th to Apr 18th

Germany:Sep 22nd to Nov 1st

Australia:Nov 21st to Dec 25th