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Using Mixed Media

Using mixed media to paint this powerful and explosive gorilla I had to bring out all my tools by mixing acrylic paints, spray paints, and paint markers. I love using acrylic paints simply because the dry so fast and I will tend to use the cheaper paints simply because i will mix in multiple colors. One of the methods I am known for is using multiple layers. I love the depth that using multiple layers creates. When using multiple layers I like using a paint that will dry very fast. Mixing in spray paints and paint markers because I love the added texture and textural feel that they provide. Montana Gold spray paint is a favorite of mine but I will use other brands as well. Montana Gold is an acrylic-based, extremely high-covering professional spray paint that works on almost any surface, even flexible ones. I use it on canvas, concrete, glass, wood, and more depending on the project I am working on. If your in the LA area I love going to ASW (Art Supply Warehouse) they have a wide range of spray paint and paint marker supply.  Art Supply Warehouse, supplying discount art supplies coupled with killer customer service for over 40 years! I do have to say that the customer service is very helpful and knowledgeable.  Just a quick plug!! I just worked on a painting of a womans face that has the same feel or technique that I am using here with this gorilla painting. To see more of my videos feel free to check out my YouTube channel.


Fascinated by capturing the human face

I have always been fascinated by capturing the human face using a wide range of materials and utilizing different painting techniques. I have been inspired and challenged by a style of painting called Alla Prima. Wet-on-wet, or Alla Prima is a painting technique, used mostly in oil painting, in which layers of wet paint are applied to previously administered layers of wet paint. This technique requires a fast way of working, because the work has to be finished before the first layers have dried. Maybe I am cheating but I have mostly been using acrylics that can be harder to use just because they dry so fast. You can see the process develop as I am working to construct the painting. Keeping in mind that I love mixed media and I’m using a mixture of spray paint, paint markers, and permanent markers. Sometimes I forget to take photos because I am working so fast! I love leaving the brush strokes that give a hard line texture and I’m getting more comfortable being more bold. I will continue experimenting with contemporary art influences to drive me to think differently. Contemporary art is the art of today, produced in the late 20th century or in the 21st century. Contemporary artists work in a globally influenced, culturally diverse, and technologically advancing world. Their art is a dynamic combination of materials, methods, concepts, and subjects that challenge traditional boundaries and defy easy definition. Diverse and eclectic, contemporary art as a whole is distinguished by the very lack of a uniform, organising principle, ideology, or “-ism“.