This spring our team had the immense honor of constructing a banyan tree for the Bellagio Casino in Las . It was displayed in the Atrium/Conservatory and Botanical Gardens as a part of their Spring Celebration in 2014.

We subcontracted for Daniels Wood Land, Inc. and it was a great experience for us! We loved working with Daniels Wood Land so much and enjoyed working alongside of them in this project. Our team at SG Studios co-designed, constructed, and transported this colossal piece from Sacramento to Las Vegas.

This project took 5 weeks with fifteen SGS team members, six welders, three subcontracting companies and many skilled artisans. Two 48 ft long semi trucks were used to transport the tree. It was fabricated to come apart and be put back together seasonally.

The tree is a 30’ banyan tree with a trunk the diameter of 20’. The tree is covered in beautiful pink blossoms that contributed to the surreal and wondrous atmosphere in the Conservatory. Not only was this an impressive art piece but it was also interactive and fun! Children and families could safely walk under the canopy of branches and through the trunk as they strolled this fantastical fairy garden and enjoyed the butterflies and flowers. It was a wonderful and unique spring display for all ages.

We are very proud of this project and want to give special thanks to Daniels Wood Land and the SGS team who worked extremely hard to finish this awesome project!!

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